June 30, 2018

[Webinar] Continuous Integration, Deployment & Devops for Siebel CRM

Continuing the monthly updates release model, Continuous Integration, Deployment & Devops for Siebel CRM...

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Continuous Integration, Deployment & DevOps for Siebel CRM

By combining the agility features in Siebel IP2017/Siebel 18 and industry leading DevOps tools, Dymensions has created an end-to-end solution that delivers complete automation of developer to test to perf to production pipeline for Siebel CRM. This webinar is being hosted in collaboration with ec4u.

During this webinar, you will be treated to:

  • An overview of the key agility features of Siebel IP2017/Siebel 18
  • Summary of the DevOps solution built by Dymensions for Siebel CRM
  • A demo of the solution using the latest Siebel 18, update 6

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