June 19, 2018

CHEF for Automated Siebel Deployment

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CHEF for Automated Siebel Deployment

The most successful organizations are those that can outperform their competition in metrics of agility, risk and efficiency. The journey of achieving efficiency in deployment via automation is a continuous one. Chef is a powerful automation software tool that allows you to define your infrastructure as code to ensure that configurations are applied consistently in every environment, at any scale. It is a leader in continuous automation software and one of the pioneers in development operations. Whether you’re operating in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment, Chef automates how infrastructure is configured, deployed, and managed across your network, no matter its size.


Siebel software deployment requires significant OS level prerequisites to be met prior to installation. This makes using a Virtual Machine as-is for Siebel deployment complex. Chef is a versatile devops tool that can seamlessly take care of all what you need to have a healthy and reliable environment for Siebel At Dymensions, furthering our goal to offer solutions to aid continuous integration and deployment, we have developed a solution to simplify deployment of Siebel using CHEF.


Key advantages of using CHEF for Siebel deployment on Virtual Machines are:

  • Quick install and deployment of Siebel instance in as much as 30 minutes or less
  • Ability to scale Siebel instance for web server or siebel server seamlessly based on load, taking advantage of the dynamic scaling capability in Siebel 17.x/18.x
  • Accelerate adoption to cloud by leveraging CHEF recipes for deployment on IaaS like AWS, Azure, Oracle Public cloud etc.
  • Ensure high availability of Siebel by fixing erroneous configurations or erroneous node seamlessly and in an easy manner

Why a CHEF powered solution? Some key value proposition of using CHEF based solution for deploying software are : Accelerate the ability to deliver A recent survey conducted by Chef of more than 365 DevOps, applications and infrastructure leaders revealed that while most (72 percent) see “time from code to production” and “time from commit to deploy” as the most critical measures of application deployment success, a majority (60 percent) also take days, weeks or months to complete application builds and (56 percent) need the same amount of time to deploy apps into production. The innovations introduced by Chef today are designed to accelerate those processes by enabling IT to deliver immediate, effortless and scalable infrastructure to achieve compliance at velocity and to build, deploy and manage any application in any environment.

Chef’s test-and-repair behavior means that configurations are only applied to systems that have diverged from their desired state. On properly configured systems, Chef simply confirms that configurations are up to date. Otherwise, Chef converges each system with their desired state, allowing you to apply configuration updates continuously, with confidence that Chef will only take action when it needs to. This saves significant amount of time and resources.

Accelerating Cloud adoption

Siebel has predominantly been an on premise application. The advantages that Chef provides on a cloud infrastructure can be leveraged to host siebel on cloud infrastructure.

Lower Risk Chef enables a seamless infrastructure to develop, test and host infrastructure changes which lowers the risk during deployment.

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