May 9, 2023

Siebel - Monthly updates

Explaining the monthly updates release model, learn about the features and fixes available for your Siebel product.

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Siebel - Take a fresh look

Siebel CRM has been in the market for nearly 30 years and has undergone multiple transformations and updates to keep up with technology advancements and changing customer expectations. With agility as a primary customer expectation in recent times, Oracle/Siebel introduced a “Monthly Update” strategy with the release of Oracle/Siebel IP2017 in 2017, which was the last major release that required an “upgrade”.

Oracle/Siebel’s Monthly Update strategy involves delivering new features, enhancements, and bug fixes to customers on a monthly basis. This approach allows customers to receive regular updates to their Siebel deployment without the need for large, infrequent upgrades. Each monthly update typically includes a mix of new functionality, usability improvements, and bug fixes based on customer feedback and market trends. The updates are thoroughly tested to ensure they do not disrupt existing functionality and can be easily deployed to customers' environments. Oracle also provides tools and resources to help customers manage their updates, including release notes, documentation, and a testing environment. Customers can choose when to apply updates, and Oracle provides advance notice of planned updates to allow for preparation and testing.

Although Oracle/Siebel has been delivering monthly updates for over five years, many Siebel customers are unaware or have fallen victim to the “Siebel is dead” rhetoric and are not aware of the product improvements since their last upgrade/update. Hence, we thought it would be helpful to share the information, published by Oracle/Siebel in their release notes and documentation, in a way that is easy to understand. What's better than visual charts?

Oracle/Siebel has been actively resolving key product defects across functional, framework, technology, and security areas. The charts below show a healthy flow of fixes each month, with 2021 showing the most fixes.


The chart below highlights the promise for delivering new features and enhancements in the monthly updates. This chart shows a continuous return on your investment in the Oracle/Siebel product, with 2022 showing a steady flow of new features.


Let's break it down.

The charts below break down the new features and fixes by Siebel product areas from 2019 through 2023. The top five areas receiving a lot of attention are OpenUI, REST APIs (also tagged as EAI), Server Infrastructure, Composer/Webtools, and Upgrade/IRM/Repository Utilities. This is great news because it shows where Oracle is investing in making the product better, and these five areas directly impact (positively) the goal of making Siebel more agile and nimble. These five areas benefit Siebel customers across all industries and directly support a better user experience and faster time to market.

Products such as Telecommunications, Loyalty, and Field Service are seeing improvements in core processes and stability. Siebel Test Automation, which is essential to reducing the cost of testing and increasing the frequency of deployment to production, is another area seeing a steady stream of improvements and stabilization.

Siebel 23.xSiebel 22.x
Siebel 21.xSiebel 20.x
Siebel 19.xSiebel 19.x through 23.x

Overall, Oracle's Siebel Monthly Update strategy aims to provide customers with a more agile and responsive experience, allowing them to stay current with the latest features and improvements while minimizing disruption to their business operations. We are happy to see and show Oracle's continued commitment to the Siebel product. Our goal is to update this post monthly, so you have the latest information at any point. If you are interested in the details behind these aggregated charts and would like to get a specific list of features/fixes that you care about the most, please contact us at

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