July 28, 2020

Siebel 20.7 Update - Controlled Availability

Continuing the monthly updates release model, Siebel CRM team released Siebel 20.7 last week. On first glance at the update notes from Oracle, the update didn't...

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Siebel 20.7 Update - Parallel Development/Deployment of Workflows

Continuing the monthly updates release model, Siebel CRM team released 20.7 earlier this week but is available as Controlled Availability (CA) release. CA release means customers would have to request access to download this release via support request. Siebel CRM team haven't released details on why 20.7 is CA. Apart from the bug fixes, 20.7 update also contains the following new features:


Parallel Development and Deployment of Workflows

The much awaited feature related to Workflows is included as part of Siebel 20.7 update that enables full parallel development and deployment for workflows. A new framework for management of workflow processes is introduced in 20.7. Some of key aspects of the feature as published include:

  • Parallel deployment, execution, simulation and monitoring of workflows via Runtime Repository
  • Preview of Workspace to support parallel deployment of workflows
  • Migration of workflows from Design Repository (DR) environment to Runtime -Repository (RR) via true runtime repository tables
  • Rollback support for workflows via Runtime Repository version rollback

As part of this feature, the workflow "Activation" or "Deployment" from the "Administration - Business Process Screen" are now obsolete. The equivalent of this would be to deliver the workspace and that will activate, publish and deploy the workflows.

Given the significant architectural changes this feature would have entailed, its feasible that 20.7 was released as a CA. Customers interested in trying this feature should apply this update on a sandbox environment.

Other Enhancement Features

There are other features also included with 20.7 update. These features include:

  • Performance Enhancement in Service Dispatch Board - Enables Dispatch Board to be used in a Service region with a large number of employees
  • Task UI for Clinical Flows - Feature released as part of Siebel CRM Clinical application, includes a set of interactive task based UI flows that helps Clinical users perform tasks during various site visits like Protocol, Region, Site and Risk Assessment
  • Clinical Blinded and Unblinded Studies - Feature also part of Siebel CRM clinical application provides ability to manage both blinded and unblinded studies and also provides for segregated access to these trip reports based on users individual rights. This feature also provides ability to control access to data for blinded and unblinded users.

Dymensions Perspective

Based on information released via bookshelf, we believe the new features related to Workflows are significant and very important for customers in their journey towards agility and parallel development/deployment. This was one of the gaps in prior Siebel releases and is a welcome addition to Siebel updates. At Dymensions, we believe that most of Siebel customers want to not only get more value out of their existing investment but also use Siebel as a key aspect of their CRM strategy and potentially use other cloud based software services. We also believe that automated DevOps will bring customers business agility and also bring modern developer experience to its developer community.

Dymensions has been innovating using the modern tools and technologies to build DevOps solutions that will greatly benefit CRM customers and help them get more value out of their existing investment. We are committed to providing these solutions that will maximize the investment Siebel customers have already made in the product. For a demo of our solutions and for additional details, contact us using the information below.

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